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Travel Sparks Learning, Fun, and Connections

June has been a busy and exciting month with many new experiences, visual delights, musical highs, and even moments of calm. Only travel can help us get a perspective on the world, the amazing possibilities, and stretch our creative thinking. Where in the World is Dr. Isbell? Here is some evidence of my meaningful experiences. […]

Good News Alert: Conference by the Sea

I just returned from the Maryland Child Care Conference in Ocean City, MD. The conference was held in a beautiful setting by the Ocean, but the best part was meeting all the wonderful early childhood educators. Chris Peusch was the hardworking coordinator of the conference who effectively managed the operations, responded to questions, and made […]

Good News Alert: Nashville Stars at NAAEYC

The Nashville Conference was an amazing celebration of our early childhood profession. It was led by two outstanding professionals; Jana Crosby, who effectively coordinated the conference and Tara Hurdle, the competent President of the organization. Although the weather was stormy, these two amazingly positive women kept the conference on course and infused with high energy! […]

Good News Alert: Early Childhood is Strong in West Virginia

I just returned from a fabulous state conference in Charleston, WV. It was coordinated by a delightful and extremely organized LeeAnn, assisted by some great helpers including Ginger, Kathy, and many others. This was such a responsive group of early childhood educators who joined with me in shaking hands, singing songs, and actively participating in […]

Good New Alert: The Young Natural Scientist

A young boy, five years old, sees a red clip that is used to hold tops of chips or crackers together. He is intrigued by this unfamiliar object. First, he observes the color and design. Then he proceeds to open and close the clamp. Next he uses the clip on a newspaper, book, and magazine. […]

Good News Alert: Too Much Testing!

For the last decade our educational system has focused on testing, testing, and more testing.  I personally believe that the most essential abilities needed for a full and rich life are not testable!   For example: motivation, persistence, creativity, athletic abilities, or musical talent cannot be identified by a test filled with bubbles and small […]

Good News Alert: Best Friends

In our lifetime, we are lucky if we have a Best Friend. A person who remains with us through the good times and the bad. They care for us when we are happy and they lift us up when we are in the valleys. I have a Best Friend that has been my support for […]

Good News Alert: Little Free Libraries

Recently, I was exploring Dunedin, Florida, looking for something positive to add to my series of blogs on positive happenings. I found a wonderful box that looked like a miniature school house on a post situated at the edge of downtown. As I explored the intriguing box, I found that it was A Little Library […]

Good News Alert: People who have “made it” in S.T.E.M.

We are continuing our series of blogs that celebrate creative happenings and the amazing people that are a part of this positive news. Today we are featuring some people who have “made it” in S.T.E.M. fields and, in the process, have changed our world! Dr. Mae Jemison, M.D.: Physician, Engineer, Designer, and first woman of […]

Good News Alert

Are you as tired of all the negative, angry, vindictive news as I am? Today I am starting a new series of blogs that will focus on positive, interesting people who are being creative. We will celebrate their unique thinking and find inspiration to encourage our own creativity. First of the Series: Classical Music from […]