Entries by Dr. Rebecca Isbell

Amazing Pre K Teachers in Colorado Springs

This Fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Pre K teachers in District 11 in beautiful Colorado Springs. It was a busy day for us filled with information about the creative process, discovering young children’s unique abilities, and investigating the importance of a stimulating environment. These teachers and their supervisors were bursting with so many […]

What a Fabulous Storytelling Festival Weekend

This past weekend, over 10,000 people from all over the world enjoyed the storytellers in the tiny, historic town of Jonesborough, TN. The town was beautifully dressed for the special occasion with fall pumpkins, corn stalks, and colorful mums on steps, porches, and buildings on Main Street. Huge white tents were scattered around town and […]

Mother and Daughter Reconnecting in New Mexico

Although my daughter Christy lives very close to me in Johnson City, TN, we have a difficult time finding time for real conversations. We are both busy professionals, authors, speakers, professors, wives and mothers. Every once in awhile, we actually find time to be together, converse, plan, remember, and reconnect. This past weekend was one […]

Back to School: Engaging Young Children and Building Relationships

It is a new year, with new children, and new possibilities.  The beginning of the school year is an exciting time filled with anticipation of all the great things that will be achievable this year.  Your classroom will be filled with young children of different sizes, shapes, races, and backgrounds.  One of the challenges for […]

May in Canada: Early Childhood Education Conferences

What an amazing month of May it has been. First, I was in Moncton, Canada for an exciting conference sponsored by the Early Childhood Centre at the University of New Brunswick. During the planning and at the conference I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ann Sherman who is on the faculty in early […]

The Amazing Mad Hatter Conference in Manhattan, KS

I just returned from the most creative early childhood conference I have ever attended! The theme was the brilliant idea of Kasey Kile, who has been leading the conference for the last four year with assistance from her friends at Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities. I did the Keynote for this illustrious group of early […]

Celebration Time! Come on! Celebration Time!

Today I submitted the final editing of my new book: Nurturing Creativity: A Critical Mindset for Young Children’s Learning. It will be published by NAEYC with an anticipated Fall 2016 release. It has been a long journey with many dips and highs to get this book completed. But I am excited about the message it conveys: Young children […]

A Spectacular Early Childhood Center in Granada Spain

For the past two weeks I have been in Spain learning about the culture and the families that live in this area. During my time, I was able to visit a beautiful Center for birth to 3-year-olds designed by a Spanish Architect, Alejandro Munoz Miranda. Centro Infantil Municipal is located In the city of Chaparral, […]

Join me at NAEYC in Orlando, Florida

This is an exciting week with our NAEYC Conference and thousands of early childhood educators descending on Orlando. What a great time I have connecting to old friends and meeting new folks who are interested in young children (birth to 8 years). If you are attending the National conference, I would enjoy talking to you […]