Important Announcement: New Opportunities in Early Childhood

We all had hoped that this pandemic would be over quickly. But, to our dismay, it is still with us. We now recognize it may be in the distant future before we can return to “live,” or on-site conferences and training.

We know that professional development for Early Childhood Teachers is essential and should be continual and of high quality. These planned sessions should provide support for teachers during this difficult time, help them reflect on their practices, and encourage new inspiring possibilities.

To address the need for specialized and “up-to-date” experiences, my team and I have developed and experimented with various virtual platforms. After eight months of experimentation we can now announce that we are ready to provide you with a collection of high-quality virtual training offerings!

These keynotes and sessions can be provided using Zoom or offered to you through prerecorded sessions of your choice for a longer period of viewing. You will be able to experience the training in a timeframe that works best for you. We can help!

It has always been a great joy for me to meet early childhood educators, hear their stories, and share hugs as we have done at conferences and trainings in the past. Now we have a new way of connecting, working together, and sparking the creative thinking of young children!

Click here to see what exciting opportunities are available for you today! Let us know how we can collaborate.

Stay safe and positive,