Holiday Gift for Families with Young Children

For the past few months, I have had a growing concern for families with young children in their home for long periods of time. I have watched as parents and caregivers have been spending more and more time sitting in front of screens and directing their child’s actions. Having been a working mother of two for most of my professional life, I feel for the difficulties that parents and caregivers are encountering and the stress they are feeling to do the right thing. All this is complicated by the pandemic and the changes this virus has caused to our home life and families.

How could I help, as an early childhood educator? After much brainstorming, I have decided to provide a free gift to families of young children. I have just completed the series of Home Spaces for Learning that families can provide for their young children in their home. The focus is on providing a place where their child or children can play and learn independently. These home spaces will allow the caregiver to do other essential tasks while their children are engaged in joyful learning.

To give you a taste of the new series that will include Four (4) Home Spaces for Young Children’s Learning, I have attached the introduction of the areas and a way to register to receive the Home Spaces series free – over a four-week period. My hope is that this will help your family as things are getting busier for the holidays.

Why are these learning spaces important?

Young children will be able to shape their play, actively engage in activities that interest them, make choices, and problem-solve. They will be learning in the way young children learn best… through meaningful play.

You can access the content starting Monday, Dec. 7, by signing up at You will be receiving the introduction of the series and the first “gift” when you register. I will also be sending these resources to everyone who is already on my list as well.

I will also be available to speak with parents, and caregivers free via Facebook Live.

We will discuss, answer questions, and support your family during this difficult time. You can visit for the dates and times for the Facebook Live sessions.

Families, teachers, and caregivers: If we work together, we can create a great learning environment during these critical early years!

Together we are stronger,

Note to Early Childhood Teachers:

Share these free resources to your families and encourage them to let their children work independently!