Free “Home Space” booklets are now available!

I wanted to let you to know the exciting news: all Four (4) “Home Spaces” have just been released. These are unique booklets that include all the information needed for setting up inviting spaces in your home. These spaces will actively engage young children in meaningful learning. They are specifically designed for families who have young children in their home during this pandemic.

My hope is that these spaces, with materials easily found in the home, will encourage families to nurture young children’s play. In these spaces the child(ren) can play and learn independently. They can follow their interest, shape the play in creative ways, and make decisions about their active participation.

Parents are so overwhelmed and stressed today they need to know that their child can learn actively in their home. It is not necessary for young children to spend so much time in front of a screen. Young Children are capable learners who can create their own play experiences if they have an inspiring environment available and includes open-ended materials.

Help me spread the word that these “Home Space” booklets are available and free. Pass it on.

All they need to do is go to and obtain the descriptive explanations, materials needed, and how to observe your young child learning. It is easy to do and appropriate for young children.

Together parents and teachers can nurture young minds, encourage thinkers, and problem solvers. These are the skills that are needed in the 21st Century.

Stay safe and find time to play.