Feeling alone and separated from your friends?

A group project is just what you need.

Our little community members in Jonesborough, Tennessee, were feeling isolated although we were only living a few doors apart. The problem we shared was how we could connect again without being too close to each other while maintaining our social distance.

Several years ago, my husband created a metal sculpture of a man in a rocking chair reading a book. Since this creation was built, we have added mannequins of children to sit around him, and each Fall, we would celebrate the Storytelling Weekend.

This year we expanded our small project to include our neighbors. We built wooden frames for the head, arms, and body so they could create people to add to our circle. Next, we gave each of our neighbors the frame to serve as a base to create an interesting mannequin to be displayed in our reading circle.

This was an open-ended activity, with many choices, different costumes, and distinctive facial expressions. Each neighbor created an amazing addition to our circle. Each figure also complied to CDC mask rules.

Each creative work was unique, colorful, and full of intriguing characteristics. They were made in their home and chosen elements of their choice were included.

After the mannequins were completed, they were added to the growing group. The project was individually completed but combined into a fabulous group collection.

Here are some pictures of our Community Reading Circle!


Let each child create a painting, sculpture, or design. Then combine them in unique ways to turn their individual effort into a group effort!

Stay safe and positive,