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It is time for us to throw away the darkness around us and think about all the wonderful things we can be thankful for:

  • Our family who provides the foundation on which we build our lives.
  • Our friends who comfort and celebrate with us and give us support to move on.
  • The amazing students I have enjoyed over the years. I have learned so much from them.
  • The little children who smiled, listened to my stories, and gave me a real hug. They are the reason I continue in my work.
  • The beautiful place I live in the Blue Ridge mountains, with trees and streams. It raises me up and calms me down.
  • A country where I can support who I want and not be afraid of the consequences.
  • The safe environment where I can express my ideas orally, in writing, and online.

Times are difficult and problems must be solved…

But the important things are still here for us and we are blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving!