The Tipping Point

During these dark times, there is a light shining on early childhood education. The country, media, and economists are recognizing that Early Childhood Education is essential for the United States and the families of young children. We have seen women, mothers, and families being devastated economically because of the lack of sufficient child care and inadequate funding for programs.

We are at the tipping point. A time when interest, concern, and information is focusing on the benefits of quality early childhood programs. If we join together to make our voices heard, we have the opportunity to make things happen. If we are to push the tipping point to positive action, we must be strong, loud, and focused on the needs of young children, their families, and the teachers who work with them.

The time is now! Not since the 1980’s have we had this opportunity to gain support for young children. How can we gather the voices needed for improvement, support, and the vision for quality programs for all young children during their critical stages of development? How can we gain support for families as they try to work while trying to provide a nurturing home environment?

We have watched as other countries throughout the world have gained support, funding, and amazing programs for young children. It is time for us to demand that young children and families in the United States deserve quality programs!

Unite for Young Children,