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Joyful News

This week the town of Jonesborough, Tennessee, created a Story Trail behind the International Storytelling Center. I am thrilled that they have selected my children’s book Everyone Has a Story to Tell to be displayed throughout the trail. There you receive an invitation to read each page of the story about the fabulous tellers who […]

A Creative Teacher: Tenesha Wells-Eason

Today we are featuring an early childhood educator who works with children, birth to three, through the Great Start Pathways to Success program in Sanford, FL. She provides parent education specifically related to the development of essential early literacy skills of their children. In addition, Tenesha serves as a Resource Teacher for the VPK program. […]

Music Brings Joy

In early childhood, music has long been an important element of our programs. Music has been personally meaningful for me from four years old to now. First singing in church and later in choirs and then with young children. We can also observe how important music is when the infant in the crib moves their […]

Let’s Celebrate Creative Teachers

Today we continue to recognize “Creative Teachers.” I would like you to meet Beverly (Dugger) Wigington. Early in her career, she was a toddler teacher. I have often said, “Working with toddlers takes a very special person.” They must be very flexible and able to go with the flow of the changeable toddlers. Beverly was […]

Doing Something New

When reviewing articles and books about nurturing creativity, there is often the suggestion to “do something new.”  Doing something you have never done before activates your thinking and challenges you to adjust to new experiences. For the past week, I’ve been taking a break and visiting Beaufort and Charleston, SC.  In looking at the historical […]

The Influence of Creative Teachers

Over the years, I have worked with many early childhood teachers and future teachers. It has been something that has given me great joy as I watched these folks grow and gain confidence in their capabilities. Many have taught me much about being creative and influencing young children. In January of 2023, I began an […]

Are You Creative?

When I am doing professional development with early childhood educators, I often ask them, “Are you creative?” Too often, the resounding response is “No.” I am always surprised by this response. I don’t believe anyone can be an educator of young children who is not a creative thinker. You are challenged to be creative everyday. […]

Are You Happy?

As the New Year begins, many publications and books are investigating what makes us happy. It is not surprising to read studies that explain that money doesn’t make us happy, although it can buy things that bring us pleasure such as experiences, travel, or books. But in all the articles I have read on the […]

2023 is a New Year with Amazing Possibilities!

In 2022, we learned that: Relationships are Significant We need people and relationships with others to be content. We learned about ourselves and the strengths of others through conversations, collaborations, and working with colleagues. Play is a Powerful Way of Learning Children are engaged, joyful, and learning in meaningful ways when they play. Children develop […]