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Are You Happy?

As the New Year begins, many publications and books are investigating what makes us happy. It is not surprising to read studies that explain that money doesn’t make us happy, although it can buy things that bring us pleasure such as experiences, travel, or books. But in all the articles I have read on the […]

2023 is a New Year with Amazing Possibilities!

In 2022, we learned that: Relationships are Significant We need people and relationships with others to be content. We learned about ourselves and the strengths of others through conversations, collaborations, and working with colleagues. Play is a Powerful Way of Learning Children are engaged, joyful, and learning in meaningful ways when they play. Children develop […]

Bringing the Light to 2023

As we reflect on the last few years and the changes, challenges, and adjustments, we can determine our path in 2023. It is important for us to think about what we have learned in the past and what things we can carry forward for a better year ahead.   We know what works You are […]

Stories That Impact Us All

The International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN, just celebrated its 50th year of the Storytelling Festival. It was the perfect October weekend to have thousands of folks listen to stories under the big white tents scattered through the oldest town in Tennessee. I am indeed lucky to live in this beautiful town where the storytelling […]

A New Year with New Possibilities

It has been a busy time with schools and centers opening and getting started with professional training. It has been wonderful to return to live and onsite Conferences and to be with “real” early childhood educators. As I travel from Amarillo TX, to Florence, KY, and on to Jonesboro, AR, at each conference I was […]

A Second Chance

This past month I was given a second chance! My husband and I were having lunch. When we left, I noticed my right arm had fallen asleep, my cheek became numb, and my speech was slurred. My husband, an optometrist, immediately took me to the ER, which was 15 minutes away. After an MRI, they […]

Bringing Joy Back Into Our Lives

After two challenging years, it is time for each of us to move to a more encouraging view of the world and the people within our universe. The following suggestions can help us uncover the moments and people who have shown us the way. Identify the people who have mentored you as you developed into […]

Starting Slow and Building Strength

In this continuous year of uncertainty and mammoth changes we need to think about, how do we make the best beginning of this new year for both young children and their teachers? What are some of the ways we can help make the transition from isolation to group continuity? How can you build a caring, […]

Life Outcomes, Not Test Scores

I just read an article that has identified new ways to describe the power of early childhood to others, Life Outcomes, Not Test Scores. These positive benefits that last a lifetime are so much more important than test scores for determining the benefits of programs for young children. We have known for years that test […]

The Tipping Point

During these dark times, there is a light shining on early childhood education. The country, media, and economists are recognizing that Early Childhood Education is essential for the United States and the families of young children. We have seen women, mothers, and families being devastated economically because of the lack of sufficient child care and […]