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Free “Home Space” booklets are now available!

I wanted to let you to know the exciting news: all Four (4) “Home Spaces” have just been released. These are unique booklets that include all the information needed for setting up inviting spaces in your home. These spaces will actively engage young children in meaningful learning. They are specifically designed for families who have […]

A Personal Holiday Story to Tell

For years, I have wanted to learn how to play the Native American Flute. I thought about it, checked on places to purchase, but never had time to follow through. A couple of weeks ago, our local paper ran a story about an individual named James. He lives in my community, about 5 miles from […]

Holiday Gift for Families with Young Children

For the past few months, I have had a growing concern for families with young children in their home for long periods of time. I have watched as parents and caregivers have been spending more and more time sitting in front of screens and directing their child’s actions. Having been a working mother of two […]


Thankful for So Much

Looking for the Home Spaces for Young Children Introduction? Download it here.   It is time for us to throw away the darkness around us and think about all the wonderful things we can be thankful for: Our family who provides the foundation on which we build our lives. Our friends who comfort and celebrate […]

Isbell’s Interview with India Journalist

I thought you might be interested in the interview I recently did for a publication in India. As we said in our past communication, “the world is shrinking.” But, what I find amazing is how many similar interests and concerns we share. Collecting ideas and possibilities,

Isolated but United

While we are confined in our homes, the world is shrinking around us. This past week I had the amazing opportunity to provide the keynote for the International Summit on Early Years, or ISEY 2020, originated in India. I learned so much about the shrinking world as we developed a plan for making new connections […]


Trying Something New

  I am forever encouraging you to try something new, and now that I have some time, I am venturing out into a different territory. Although I have enjoyed music and the arts for years, I have never painted. So, this week I had my first lesson on painting with acrylics. I knew that the […]