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Isbell’s Interview with India Journalist

I thought you might be interested in the interview I recently did for a publication in India. As we said in our past communication, “the world is shrinking.” But, what I find amazing is how many similar interests and concerns we share. Collecting ideas and possibilities,

Isolated but United

While we are confined in our homes, the world is shrinking around us. This past week I had the amazing opportunity to provide the keynote for the International Summit on Early Years, or ISEY 2020, originated in India. I learned so much about the shrinking world as we developed a plan for making new connections […]


Trying Something New

  I am forever encouraging you to try something new, and now that I have some time, I am venturing out into a different territory. Although I have enjoyed music and the arts for years, I have never painted. So, this week I had my first lesson on painting with acrylics. I knew that the […]

The Power of a Positive Message

Yesterday I listened to the eulogies dedicated to John Lewis from Atlanta, Georgia. Many powerful speakers shared Lewis’s principals that ruled his life: Kindness and Truth. One gem, shared by Former President Obama, was the story he told of John Lewis when he was a little boy.  He was quiet and studious. His observant mother […]

Creativity Surges during the Pandemic

Every day we are receiving negative news and depressing predictions that I began to wonder if we could at least find some positive happenings in today’s world.  I became attentive to the creative thinking that was being demonstrated throughout our country during this difficult time.  Perhaps this was the light I was seeking to move […]

Winter in Anchorage, Alaska

In early February, Anchorage AEYC held their annual early childhood conference. For over a year, I had been communicating with Christie and Cecilia (co-conference directors) learning about their members and their interests. These two dynamos planned and implemented a fabulous conference with early childhood educators from throughout the state.  Some teachers traveled hours in small […]

2020 is an Exciting Year for New Possibilities

As you make plans for 2020, here are 20 ideas to get you off to a creative start. For you Do something you have never done before. (What will it be?) Wear an item of clothing or jewelry you have never worn. Notice the change of the seasons and identify your observations. Drive to work […]