Starting Slow and Building Strength

In this continuous year of uncertainty and mammoth changes we need to think about, how do we make the best beginning of this new year for both young children and their teachers? What are some of the ways we can help make the transition from isolation to group continuity? How can you build a caring, and learning community?

It is important that we establish a community of learners that will thrive in this unsettling time. Young children need a safe place – emotionally and physically – where they feel secure. They need to feel valued and supported by adults who can be trusted to take care of them. You can create that amazing environment that will encourage these wonderful and capable children by planning with these few suggestions in mind:

Building relationships

Every child needs someone who thinks they are wonderful and capable. How can you help your young children understand that you can be that person to them? You listen to them, you observe their interests, you follow their ideas, you treasure their uniqueness. You demonstrate your positive feelings, using words to support these thoughts, and their involvement in group work and projects that interest them.

Slowing the Pace

This is not the time to rush, push, or demand. This is the time to slow down, take your time, don’t be in a hurry, and enjoy each precious moment of your children’s discoveries. Observe what your children are doing, what they are curious about, who they are working with, and what they are saying. This slower pace will allow them to move at their own speed, retry, and move on. It will also give you the time to best understand the unique abilities of each child and determine ways to inspire those capabilities.

Make notes, videos, and pictures of what you are seeing for future inspiration. Your insights will help you shape additional  possibilities and opportunities that match your children.

Finding more time to Play

Play allows young children to influence their world, to work through problems, and control the events as they are happening. During play, children can adapt and adjust to the situation, collaborate about the experiences, and build confidence in their growing capabilities. Their language will be nurtured as they use words to accompany their activity and listen to others as they share their thoughts. By providing more time to play, including open-ended materials to use, and opportunities for them to interact with others, you are creating a place where children can become collaborators, creative thinkers, and problem-solvers.

Integrate Music and the Arts

The arts can provide safe ways for children to express themselves, to explore their feelings, and use different tools in these engaging experiences. These unique ideas and use of new materials encourage and support young creative children with different abilities and capabilities. You value their work, so celebrate their possibilities as they are immersed in these expressive arts.


This is a new year for you and your young children.  You both need a caring and safe environment in which to grow and think creatively. You can provide that nurturing place and the loving relationships that are needed. You will find great joy and satisfaction by knowing you are providing a “safe haven in a storm” for your young children!

Today is a new beginning!