Are You Happy?

As the New Year begins, many publications and books are investigating what makes us happy.

It is not surprising to read studies that explain that money doesn’t make us happy, although it can buy things that bring us pleasure such as experiences, travel, or books.

But in all the articles I have read on the topic in the last two months, one elements stands out as essential for us to feel content and joyful.


This can be close friends who we confide in regularly or small groups where we have a shared interest. Throughout my adult life, my best friends have been early childhood educators. We shared interests, concerns, and were supportive of each other during life’s mountains and valleys. Early childhood educators tend to be positive folks, skilled listeners, and know how to ask just the right questions.

When I first began teaching Kindergarten in a small elementary school, I still remember how alone I felt. There was no one to show me the ropes of being a new teacher, share helpful tips, or discuss what my students were doing in my classroom.  It was me alone.

Today we recognize how important it is to provide a helpful mentor to a new teachers or a teacher making a transition.

We can do so much more to help teachers feel like a part of a community of educators. We can provide opportunities for teams of teachers to meet together, support each other, and share new possibilities. Or host social events for early childhood educators in a school, region, or state where there is both learning and times to interact with others.

Being a part of a profession helps us feel connected and find others who share our vision and assist us as we grow and develop. Early Childhood Education is a fine profession with a long history of striving for quality programs for young children and their families. It includes valuing those who work with young children during their critical early years.

Is there a teacher or caregiver you can support, connect with, and develop a friendship? This connection will not only bring you happiness but make your new connection happy too.