Bringing the Light to 2023

As we reflect on the last few years and the changes, challenges, and adjustments, we can determine our path in 2023. It is important for us to think about what we have learned in the past and what things we can carry forward for a better year ahead.


We know what works

You are the folks who recognize how critical the early years of life are and how influential you are in establishing the foundation for all areas of children’s development. As we head to the new year, we must remain strong and committed to providing what we know is best for young children and their families. We talk about resilient children, but we must also be resilient educators. Staying on the course and remaining strong in our beliefs will lead to positive things happening because of our creative efforts.


Raise our voices

Now is the time for us to raise our voices, shine our light on our needs, and collaborate to demand that young children be nurtured and families supported. Together as a profession, we are stronger and have more influence. It has also become clear during Covid that Childcare and Early Childhood Programs are essential for families with young children so parents can work. To support our goals, I have decided to offer my assistance to you in a way we can explore new ways to work and collaborate together.


Light in 2023

Let us make 2023 the year that Early Childhood Educators and Parents join together to provide young children with quality programs, adequate support, and recognition for the critical work that early childhood educators provide. We are there in the beginning, shaping and supporting children’s development and nurturing the young thinkers who will impact our world.

My new and inspiring 2023 services will include opportunities for us to speak virtually (one-on-one or small group) and offer virtual presentations of your chosen topic. Stay tuned for these major changes, and I look forward to having inspiring conversations with you in the new year!