Bringing Joy Back Into Our Lives

After two challenging years, it is time for each of us to move to a more encouraging view of the world and the people within our universe.

The following suggestions can help us uncover the moments and people who have shown us the way.

  1. Identify the people who have mentored you as you developed into your true self. Find those people and let them know how they have shaped your life and how you appreciate their contributions. Sharing this moment with your meaningful person will make you both delighted.
  2. Remember the actions that have brought you joy over the years. Reading a book to a small child, listening to a story of a family member, singing a favorite song, or walking in the forest. Do it again and often. Celebrate the returning joy you feel!
  3. Search your space and find the objects, books, pictures or collectibles that make you smile. Pull them out, dust them off, revisit, and display these treasures so you will see them often. Reflect on the value of these gems and the accompanying memories.
  4. Reconnect to those you have lost contact with during Covid. Search them out, contact them, and find a time to be together again. Reviving friendships will have a positive impact on both of you.
  5. Remember funny stories, cartoons, or quotes that help us move beyond ourselves. If we laugh more often, we can begin to return to a more positive place. Some research on laughter indicates that the brain makes connections even if we are “faking” the laugh. More laughter leads to laughing more and encourages others to laugh along with you.

During our isolation we have learned that it is the special people in our lives that we miss the most. By rediscovering these treasured people, we find the joy and interactions that will help us return to our joyful world!

During this season of Thankfulness let us think of those who have shaped our thoughts and dreams. Sharing this appreciation with these influential people will bring joy to both of you.

I am thankful for you, your friendship, and support!