A Second Chance

This past month I was given a second chance!

My husband and I were having lunch. When we left, I noticed my right arm had fallen asleep, my cheek became numb, and my speech was slurred. My husband, an optometrist, immediately took me to the ER, which was 15 minutes away. After an MRI, they administered the “clot-busting” infusion. After 24 anxious hours, I regained consciousness. The second MRI showed no signs of a stroke. I am thrilled to say I have entirely recovered, and I want to share with you the importance of recognizing the symptoms of a stroke. A helpful acronym to remember is FAST – Face, Arm, and Slurred Speech. The T is to remind us that speed of getting the treatment is critical. If you see any of these symptoms on yourself or someone else, call 911 (US) immediately. They will arrive and begin treatment while notifying the ER to be ready.

I am thankful to have a second chance, and you can help another potential stroke victim have another chance, too!

We also have a second chance after Covid to create an amazing environment for young children that will help their development blossom to their full potential. We can re-establish a place designed for the specific way young children learn: holistically, actively, and joyfully. This place will be filled with opportunities to play and choose where they will be involved. The materials in this space will be interesting, allowing many different ways to be used and varied ways to create. This wonderful changing space will be filled with art, music, and movement opportunities to enrich young children’s world and extend their thinking. It will include opportunities to use the 21st Century competencies: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Problem Solving. Children’s ideas, work, and creations will be treasured and valued!

At the center of this inspiring environment will be a close relationship between the teacher and each unique young child in their classroom. They will value each child’s capabilities and possibilities in the engaging space.

We both have a second chance to do things in new and better ways!