2023 is a New Year with Amazing Possibilities!

In 2022, we learned that:

Relationships are Significant

  • We need people and relationships with others to be content.
  • We learned about ourselves and the strengths of others through conversations, collaborations, and working with colleagues.

Play is a Powerful Way of Learning

  • Children are engaged, joyful, and learning in meaningful ways when they play.
  • Children develop and use the abilities they are learning during play.

Movement and Outdoor Play are Essential

  • Children need to move, explore, and discover the natural world throughout the day.
  • We recognize the brain and body connection that supports learning and development.

Flexibility is Important

  • As the world changes, new situations happen, and plans change. We must be able to adapt to these different directions.
  • How do we change? Personally, I had to adapt to some health changes that made it difficult for me to travel to sites for keynote and breakout sessions. For the past seven years, that has been a major part of my life. Traveling from Italy, Denmark, Texas, California, New York, Arkansas and Alabama, and many more wonderful places and working with marvelous early childhood educators.

My Personal Adjustments

Now, I must be creative and discover new ways to support early childhood educators. In 2023, I will present some new and exciting possibilities for us to work together. This change in focus can keep me contributing to the profession. I love to feel connected to the people who feed my spirit.

Join my new group, “Circle of Creativity!”

This small, intimate group will work (max.15 members) together and focus on “Nurturing Creativity.” I am excited to be doing what I love: teaching and collaborating with early childhood educators.

Specifics for joining the inspiring group are below:


Have a wonderful New Year with many new possibilities for personal growth.