A Creative Teacher: Tenesha Wells-Eason

Today we are featuring an early childhood educator who works with children, birth to three, through the Great Start Pathways to Success program in Sanford, FL. She provides parent education specifically related to the development of essential early literacy skills of their children. In addition, Tenesha serves as a Resource Teacher for the VPK program. Her work clearly demonstrates how many different roles early childhood educators can assume if they are dedicated to young children and their families.

In all these different roles, Tenesha demonstrates her amazing creativity as she flexibly moves to work with these different age groups and adjusts to their varied needs. These are characteristics of creative teachers: flexibility, adaptability, and fluency of possibilities.

Let’s celebrate today Tenesha Wells-Eason, a creative teacher who is being recognized for her many contributions to young children and parents in Florida.

I BELIEVE THAT WE need the most creative people TO WORK with the youngest children!

In an effort to recognize other “creative teachers” who work with young children, I ask you to nominate a teacher you have worked with or observed that can be identified as a creative teacher. Think of the teacher doing unique things, creating an amazing environment, or being a marvelous storyteller. Then simply fill out an e-form at this link. We will feature many of them in my future blogs.

Let’s celebrate these teachers who are amazing and spark the creative thinking of the young children who are lucky enough to be in their light.

Help me honor some of the strong and talented teachers who are in early childhood education!