Doing Something New

When reviewing articles and books about nurturing creativity, there is often the suggestion to “do something new.”  Doing something you have never done before activates your thinking and challenges you to adjust to new experiences.

For the past week, I’ve been taking a break and visiting Beaufort and Charleston, SC.  In looking at the historical sites of interest, I saw a tour that captured my attention. A visit to a Kazoo factory. Never had I visited a place that only made Kazoos. We not only saw how they made 5,000 Kazoos a day, but we made our very own Kazoo. When we finished, we played our Kazoos in a new band. Such a treat.

Have you done something new that you have never done before? Think of the many possibilities and choose one that captures your interest. And just do it! Think about how you felt during the process and what other ideas you had as you tried something new.

Today I want you to meet Mary Myron, a creative teacher, and caring person. I had the privilege of working with her in the ETSU Child Study Center and the University School, where she worked with young children, specifically Kindergarten.  She demonstrated her creativity in so many ways. She tried new things and did activities in unique ways.  One of my favorite creative ideas was her “Stage Center”. This visually attractive area had a raised stage (made from pallets) and a curtain that opened and closed. A box of dress items and fabric to create the outfits for the characters that the children wanted to include in their play. The children created their play, rehearsed, and presented it to their class. The entire production was amazing; the children were writers, performers, and audience.

Mary is a creative teacher who inspires her children to be creative players too.

I hope you will join me in my Circle of Creativity in March. We will have three sessions together and you will receive a copy of my book on Creativity. There will be one follow-up day in April if you cannot attend all three of the sessions in March. This collaborative group of early childhood educators will focus on developing your creativity, designing inspiring environments, and applying the suggestions to your classroom.

Give yourself the gift of growing and developing your creative abilities.

We will grow together.