Let’s Celebrate Creative Teachers

Today we continue to recognize “Creative Teachers.” I would like you to meet Beverly (Dugger) Wigington. Early in her career, she was a toddler teacher. I have often said, “Working with toddlers takes a very special person.” They must be very flexible and able to go with the flow of the changeable toddlers. Beverly was that special person who understood toddler development, could guide their actions, and enjoyed their endless energy. I watched her “herd” small groups of toddlers to very appropriate and active group time. I learned from her that toddlers could enjoy group time if specifically designed for them. She integrated music, frequent movement, and carefully selected stories that invited their participation. I was always amazed at how these toddlers engaged in her creative experiences and showed great joy in their interactions. A creative teacher like Beverly can capture the interest of young children, adapt to their responses, and enjoy the exciting process.

In an effort to recognize other “creative teachers” who work with young children, I ask you to nominate a teacher you have worked with or observed that can be identified as a creative teacher. Think of the teacher doing unique things, creating an amazing environment, or being a marvelous storyteller. Then simply fill out an e-form at this link. We will feature many of them in my future blogs.

Let’s celebrate these teachers who are amazing and spark the creative thinking of the young children who are lucky enough to be in their light.

Help me honor some of the strong and talented teachers who are in early childhood education!

May we honor them and be one of them!