Music Brings Joy

In early childhood, music has long been an important element of our programs. Music has been personally meaningful for me from four years old to now. First singing in church and later in choirs and then with young children. We can also observe how important music is when the infant in the crib moves their body to music or the PreK child composing a song to accompany their activity.

New research has supported what we already know about the powerful connection of music. We now have brain scans that show how music lights up the different parts of the brain and makes amazing new connections.

Two strong and talented women have renewed our interest in music and the connection to young children. Debbie Clements has shown us how singing and books can be used together to encourage and support young children during their early years. Maryann “Mar” Harman and her music have helped us learn about the new findings and renewed our efforts to include music in our early childhood programs.

Today, let’s sing a song and dance to a gig. Experience again how music brings joy to your classroom and your children.

The more we sing together, the happier we are!

In an effort to recognize other “creative teachers” who work with young children, I ask you to nominate a teacher you have worked with or observed that can be identified as a creative teacher. Think of the teacher doing unique things, creating an amazing environment, or being a marvelous storyteller. Then simply fill out an e-form at this link. We will feature many of them in my future blogs.

Let’s celebrate these teachers who are amazing and spark the creative thinking of the young children who are lucky enough to be in their light.

Help me honor some of the strong and talented teachers who are in early childhood education!

May we honor them and be one of them!