The Influence of Creative Teachers

Over the years, I have worked with many early childhood teachers and future teachers. It has been something that has given me great joy as I watched these folks grow and gain confidence in their capabilities.

Many have taught me much about being creative and influencing young children. In January of 2023, I began an effort to reconnect with some of these people and reestablish our bond.

In the next few months, I will introduce you to some educators who have shown me what creative teachers of young children can be. I will give you some anecdotes demonstrating their creative thinking and unique ideas that inspired young children.

Dr. Angie Baker, Professor at King University

Let’s meet Dr. Angie Baker. When I first met Angie, she was a preschool teacher and later a Kindergarten teacher in a low-income public school. She was also my student in her Master’s program and our doctoral program in Early Childhood Education.

Visiting her classrooms for many years, I saw examples of her creative abilities inspiring children. She loved music and wove it throughout her day. She had learning centers that were unique and never seen before in a classroom. One of my favorites was her Music Center. She brought in an old record player and collected 45 rpm records which the children watched as they turned around. She turned a refrigerator crate into a recording studio, a place for the children to compose and sing new songs they recorded. These tapes were labeled and displayed for other children to hear. The child who had created the music became the star of their classmates, and their work was celebrated.

This amazing teacher demonstrated to me how a personal interest – music – can be shared with her children and inspire them to create melodies, patterns, and performances. Angie is a creative teacher who has positively influenced many young children who have felt supported in their efforts. She has mentored other teachers in their journey to become more creative people.

Next week on my blog, I will introduce you to another creative early childhood teacher. It is my hope that you will recognize some creative things you are including with your children.

You can nurture your creativity and begin to interweave new and exciting ideas into your classroom. Together we become more creative.


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