Laughing in Texas

I just got back from McAllen, TX, where I did training with some wonderful early childhood educators.

The world over, I find that early childhood educators are positive and caring people. This was certainly true in TX!

In McAllen, the special people who attended my sessions were engaged and active participates. We shared stories, sang songs, and moved our bodies!

My favorite time with them was during my session, “Learning from Hilarious Moments in the Early Childhood Classroom”. We shared so many funny stories from our experiences with young children that we laughed together many times!

Working with the teachers brings me joy and a great appreciation for those who work with young children during these critical early years.


Note: Sorry the pictures of this great group did not transfer to my computer for you to enjoy.

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  1. Rosario
    Rosario says:

    I really enjoyed myself with all your insights as how children are so joyful in their every moment of learning. Thanks for your time.

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