Traditional American Children’s Music: A New CD with Dr. Isbell

New CD Available:  Songs Too Good To Miss with Dr. Isbell and traditional American Music that every child will enjoy!

The  Story:

There is an explosion of new information and research about the positive impact that music can have on young children’s brain development.  Many articles have identified the “window of opportunity” that makes young children primed to benefit from listening and participating in music.

This renewed interest in the power of music supports what we as early childhood educators and professionals have long believed – music should be an integral part of our lives. Music is valued because it enhances intellectual development, stimulates brain function, and promotes language and math development, while it nurtures creative thinking.

Music also brings us together, builds relationships, and helps us feel part of a group, community, or country. With this in mind, I began collecting traditional songs that are a part of our American Heritage.  Music that helps recognize our roots, while reconnecting us to our families, and our country.

The songs included in this CD are part of our American Tradition and can help us connect and appreciate our rich musical heritage.  In addition, the songs are accompanied by traditional instruments that children can recognize such as fiddle, guitar, banjo, and drums. Many children have never heard these songs, or participated in music that connects them to their community. Listen to the songs, sing along, and extend the experience with the appropriate musical activities that I have included in the 24 page booklet.

Enjoy the music, sing, clap, and tap your toes.  Recognize that music is to be treasured, passed on, and valued for the wonderful connections that can be made to our children, their families, and our American heritage!

Special Features:

  • Appropriate songs for children
  • Easy to sing-along
  • All lyrics to songs included in booklet
  • Brief American history of each song in booklet
  • Names of all traditional instruments identified
  • Music activities to follow up or expand on all of the songs
  • Variety of music including: old traditional songs, animal songs, regional music, and songs of celebration


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