Out of Africa: A Life Changing Experience in South Africa

Giraffes in Africa

We have just returned from a two week tour of South Africa – an amazing adventure.

It is a diverse country with pristine coastlines and towering mountains. The national reserves are filled with wild animals: lions, cheetahs, rhino, buffalo, zebra, and my favorite the giraffes.  I watched a family of baboons caring for their babies while two young ones were playing. There are also modern cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg that look very much like New York or Chicago with tall buildings, international companies, and banks.

Ben-and-BeckyBut most importantly, South Africa is filled with beautiful people who are working to unite their country and work together for the good of all.  Their spirit and pride in their country is inspiring. On the day of the national election people in the rural areas stood in line for hours to be able to vote.

I was privileged to see how music and dance binds the people of South Africa together and helps them deal with difficult times.  A group of young people sang to us in their village as we clapped our hands and swayed to the rhythm.  What the world needs is more cooperation, music, and joy!