Going to Denmark to work with the “Happiest People in the World”

In August, Dr. Christy Isbell and I will be teaching a class at the University of Aarhus, in Copenhagen, Denmark, ranked as the country where the happiest people in the world live. Our focus will be on “Learning Environments and Quality Places in Early Childhood Education.

Dr. Christy Isbell and I will be discussing how to create a quality environment that works for all children.

I will be looking at the current research identifying the critical importance of the environment, design features, matching the space to children’s level of development, and creating an effective learning environment.

Christy will address making the environment work for children with special needs including:  ADHD, Autism, and Behavioral Issues.

We are so excited about this unique opportunity to work in Denmark with their professors, students and teachers!

We will continue to update my blog with the “secrets” we find to help make our lives happier!


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