Sharing My Love

This February I want to introduce you to some very special people who have enriched my life.  Over the years, I have had the joy of working with many very special people.  This month, I want you to celebrate two of these amazing people with me.

The First Amazing Person: Dr. Angie Baker

One of the most creative people I have ever worked with has just completed her Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education from East Tennessee State University, Dr. Angie Baker. I was able to be a part of her studies beginning in her Undergraduate years, continuing into her Master’s program, and teaching classes in her Doctoral studies.

What a wonderful experience it has been to watch this amazing educator grow as an early childhood teacher, outstanding graduate student, and become an emerging leader in our field. She is currently in a leadership role serving as Principal of Miller Perry Elementary School, in Sullivan County, TN.

During this developmental process, Dr. Baker has been a model teacher, a director, a mentor, teacher of the year, national board certified in Early Childhood Education, a leader in professional organizations, and a presenter at national conferences. In all these different capacities, she has kept her vision for what is right for young children and those who work with them.  She is a shining example of the qualities that make an early childhood educator a true professional: a caring person, focused on young children, filled with laughter, and always available to help others growing in the profession.

Let’s Recognize and Celebrate this Outstanding Early Childhood Educator, Dr. Angie Baker!