Back from SECA New Orleans

I just back from a wonderful SECA conference in New Orleans.  It was a great place to connect to so many dedicated early childhood educators!

Lots of enthusiastic participants attended my “Amazing Environments” workshop! They gave me lots of smiles and warm fuzzies.

In our featured session, with my dear friend Dr. Shirley Raines, we told personal and classic stories and sang songs of our heritage.  During this action-packed time together we laughed, hugged, and cheered the powerful connections that stories can provide between teachers and young children.

Once a great story is learned, it can be retold for many years with many different groups of children. These children will carry this gift of story with them throughout their lives.  How powerful is that?

Professional conferences like this inspire us to be the best early childhood educators possible.  With our shared interest and visions for confident young children, together we can make great things happen!

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  1. Dr. Dona Packer
    Dr. Dona Packer says:

    Dr. Isbell,
    You were wonderful in the session that I attended. I did not get to speak to Dr. Raines…but as you can see by my email address I teach at the University of Memphis…She was leaving when I was coming…but I heard great things.
    Again…I loved your session and hope to see you again one of these days.

    • Dr. Rebecca Isbell
      Dr. Rebecca Isbell says:

      So glad you enjoyed our session at SECA. It was great for you to take the time to send me a message about it.
      Sorry you missed working with Shirley–she is a wonderful to partner with for presentations and writing projects.

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