Share the Love: Sometimes “new” friends add special joys to your life.

Four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person who had just arrived from the Philippines to study Early Childhood Education at my University. She was full of enthusiasm and so excited about all the learning possibilities that lay before her.  We hugged and connected in a powerful way. I was impressed that she had traveled so far in her search for learning. In her country, Ruth had been a pre-K teacher, director of a Center for Early Childhood Education, and was currently teaching professional education and early childhood courses in her college.

Ruth was my student in two of PhD classes in early childhood and in each she was an outstanding scholar.  She was a shining example of the kind of student that every professor dreams of having: hardworking, focused, always digging deeper, and a smile that constantly reflected her joy of learning.

Now that she has completed her degree, Dr. Ruth Facun-Granadozo will be returning to the Philippines to teach at Harris Memorial College. Throughout her studies she wanted to learn more about literacy instruction. When she returns home, she will share her knowledge with pre-service teachers as they learn about working with young children and with in-service early childhood educators as they continue to seek professional development.

Today I want you to celebrate with me this amazing woman, Dr. Ruth Facun-Granadozo.   She will inspire many teachers and children in the Philippines. She has inspired me too!

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