New Class, New Students, Exciting Times!

Fall is such an exciting time for early childhood teachers and professors.  We get to meet and learn about our new students.  Each of them is uniquely different, with diverse experiences and special talents.  We share a common goal: to create a learning  environment that will nurture their growth and development, whether they come in a small body or an adult size model.

Today is my first class with my new graduate students who are striving to learn and develop as early childhood professionals.  My class is Historical and Theoretical Basis for Early Childhood Education.  This lofty title allows us to explore the roots of our profession: theorists and experts who shaped our field and trends that have influenced our thinking.

During this time, it reminds me of all the amazing people who have impacted early childhood across history: Plato, Froebel, Montessori, Piaget, Patty Smith Hill, Ziegler, Elkind and so many other stars in our rich heritage.  These amazing people ventured into new directions, inspired original thinking, and communicated their ideas to others.

Today, let us think about those who came before us, for their thinking continues to strengthen our field. Remember a mentor who positively impacted your thinking, and use that model to support new teachers, a new trainer, or a returning professional.  Working together makes us better.

Knowing our history makes us stronger as Early Childhood Professionals!