Getting Inspired with Early Childhood Educators: Concordia University 41st Early Childhood Conference

Concordia University has a long history of quality early childhood programs and exhilarating conferences.  This year I had the privilege of providing the opening keynote in their beautiful and recently renovated Chapel on campus in Chicago, IL.  What a spectacular environment it was for my presentation! Beautiful stained glass windows, an enormous pipe organ, lots of wood on the high ceiling that produced great acoustics, and a chapel filled with dedicated early childhood educators.

This conference was organized and effectively implemented by Melissa Smith, Carol Smid, and their team of helpers.  These Early Childhood Professionals were so creative and collaborated to produce a wonderful day of professional development. I also met the delightful Dr. Shirley Morganthaler who was the developer of the ECE program at Concordia and founder of the conference.

During my time at the conference I was able to interact with many warm and creative educators who I know will have a positive impact on the young children and families they will work with this year. Together we shared stories about the young creative thinkers that we have worked with and discussed the exciting possibilities for this year.  Ann O’Brien, my special helper, assisted me in so many ways making my entire time at Concordia so enjoyable!

Yes, we believe in the creative abilities of Young Children

The beginning of a year provides time to work with new children and guide their experiences to use the 4Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking in meaningful ways. We value and recognize that these critical abilities are needed for today’s young children to be successful now and in the future.


May your year be filled with joyful moments, and many playful possibilities!