Creativity is soaring at the University Of New Mexico Children’s Campus

I am just back from an amazing conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When my keynote topic is “Nurturing Young Creative Thinkers,”  I often ask conference participants, “Are you creative?” Too often I get negative responses.  But this time, the teachers of the Children’s Campus of UNM gave me resounding positive responses, “Yes!”  How wonderful to interact with teachers who recognize their own creativity and clearly demonstrate this ability as we talk about their classrooms.

Collaborating on inventions

In fact, this remarkable group of positive, engaged, and creative teachers will continue to provide support and encouragement to their young children by designing an environment with many possibilities for creativity, communicating, collaborating, and critical thinking.  These are the essential skills needed in the 21st Century to be successful in our rapidly-changing world.

My special assistants, Amber and Magaly

What a joy to visit the Campus Lab School and see the well-designed facility, with natural light-filled spaces, outdoor areas off each classroom, and caring teachers who were actively interacting with their young children. Director Daniela Baca and her dedicated team have provided the inspiring leadership for this great program while continuing to mentor their teachers’ professional growth. This model program provides many quality opportunities for learning by young children, parents, UNM students, and faculty who participate in this wonderful environment.

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

Let us celebrate this remarkable program and the people who make it work at the UNM!