Give Your Brain a Break!

Our brain is working, sorting, and making connections all day long. My world, like yours, is filled with creative work, in-depth projects, and many personal responsibilities. Some include: books to be written, selecting words to explain ideas, using conversations to build relationships, and presentations to develop. These diverse tasks are so time consuming that few moments remain for thinking creatively or nurturing an interesting idea.

Much of the literature on creativity emphasizes the need for us to take a break from all the busyness that keeps our mind on high alert, running on adrenaline, and stressed out from our high expectations. It is difficult to find a way to relax our mind, clear our heads, and experience the joy in the moment.

For the past two weeks I have had the incredible opportunity to relax, not think about deadlines, and to take in the beauty of a new place… Portugal. There is something about being in such a beautiful place, surrounded by ornate architecture built thousands of years ago, unique hand painted pottery, delicious and fresh food, and interacting with interesting people that helps relieve the stress and put our lives in perspective.

By the time I returned home my creative juices were flowing, and new projects were developing in my brain.

If you can’t go to Portugal, you can find a quiet place and take some time for yourself in a National Park, forest, or even your own backyard where you can clear your mind, turn off the phone, and simply enjoy the beauty around you. This quiet time will allow you brain to unwind, delete unnecessary junk, and open your senses to the amazing world around you. This break will give you renewed energy, and new ideas that you have not experienced in a while. You will be amazed at your creative possibilities that are lying dormant, but rise to consciousness when given a break!

I often encourage teachers, my students, and colleagues to take some time off during breaks. If you are going to work during the break, take a few days to disconnect and immerse yourself in a different environment.

After that relaxing down time you will feel better, be filled with more creative possibilities, and finish the project you wanted to complete!

Take a brain break!