Getting Ready for Young Creative Thinkers

It has been a busy month working with diverse Early Childhood Programs across the country from Texas to New York to Michigan.

At each program, I found the place and people were unique and very interesting.  At Humble School District in Texas, an energetic team was led by Jennifer who, with her dedicated team, planned and implemented an Academy for their PreK programs from 18 different sites. The Conference was held in a new middle school that was so beautiful, sleek, and massive. I was so encouraged working and interacting with these warm and responsive PreK teachers. They were so focused on finding ways to nurture young children’s thinking and providing a language-rich environment during the critical early years.  Together we explored many possibilities for integrating these 4C’s into their classroom. This strong program and dedicated teachers in Humble will have a positive impact on many young children in TX this fall and for many years.

In Grand Ledge, Michigan, we explored the skills needed for young children to thrive in the 21st Century: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking. We suggested another important C: Confidence, which requires trying new things, taking risks, and being persistent. The capable director of this program is Breanna who was assisted by Maria and Devon. Throughout the day these amazing educators participated in small group activities that demonstrated how thinking and language skills could be integrated into their early childhood classrooms.

In one hands-on activity, participants were asked to create something from the ingredients of a clear plastic bag containing a collection of open-ended materials: a straw, pipe cleaner, PVC elbow, piece of ribbon, a nut cup, rubber band and a small twig.  These creative teachers came up with original ideas and confidently shared them with us. We ended the day with humorous stories about our experiences while working with young children. We explored the meaning of some funny recent happenings and laughed and laughed. An early childhood teacher needs a great sense of humor, and these teachers certainly had this important characteristic. The young children in these classrooms are getting off to a great start, which will last a lifetime.

When flying back home, I reflected on my wonderful adventures with these Early Childhood Teachers.  It was amazing to acknowledge our shared vision and celebrate each teacher’s importance in the lives of young children.

Together we can change our world, one child at a time!