Celebrating with Creative World Schools

I just got back from Tampa, Florida, where I was a keynote at a wonderful celebration and conference focused on Creativity!  This was an exciting, exhilarating, and high energy conference that brought together owners, directors, and teachers from over 50 Creative World Schools. It was truly a celebration of the schools and the people who made these early childhood programs work while developing creative environments that nurture young children.

Dr. Maryann Whitehouse leading the cheers for the accomplishments of the programs

When I was invited to do the keynote and breakout session for this group, I had no idea what a special experience it was going to be for me!  I met the founder of the schools, “Ms. Billie” who had the vision, in the 1970s, for a school that nurtured and inspired creativity in young children.  In addition, I observed her daughter, Dr. Maryann Whitehouse, who has built on that rich heritage and become an effective leader for the growing number of franchised schools and their staff.

The conference and people here reminded me that those who work with young children are the best! I was so thrilled to be a part of this amazing Celebration of Creativity!


Let’s continue to honor the wonderful teachers and creative people who have dedicated their lives to making great things happen for young children and their families.  These are the special folks who inspire learning and development everyday in their schools and classrooms filled with young children

Let’s get ready for an exciting new year filled with creative opportunities for teachers and children!