An Exhilarating NAEYC Conference in Atlanta 2017

I am just back from a wonderful NAEYC conference where I was able to reconnect with amazing colleagues and build new relationships with new friends. What a joy to be with educators who share my beliefs in young children and celebrate their amazing capabilities! Interacting with these hardworking and dedicated early childhood educators helps me recognize that together we can build a positive environment that will support all children during a critical time of their development.

Here are a few of the many of my inspiring moments at the Conference.

Our talented NAEYC Editors who worked with Sonia and I on our book “Nurturing Creativity”. From left Rossella Procopio, Holly Bohart, Rebecca Isbell, Kathy Charner, Sonia Yoshizawa.  

Our Friday morning session was “Weaving the 4C’s into Your Program: The essential skills needed to inspire young creative thinkers and confident innovators for future challenges!”.

In keeping with our theme of “weaving” we created twig looms for our hands-on activity at the conclusion of our session.  Using a variety of materials and the words symbolizing the 4C’s (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking), partners worked together to create interesting patterns in their looms.  These amazing participants proved again that Early Childhood Teachers are creative, innovative problem solvers who serve as inspiring models for young children!

Turn your imagination loose as you integrate the 4C’s into your classroom. Be inspired by working with other creative people who share your vision!