A New Year filled with Amazing Possibilities

After spending some time reflecting and setting 2018 goals, I am ready to get started on my new adventures. To update you, my spring schedule is very busy with presentations in CA, MN, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark.  It is exciting for me to have these opportunities to share the news, “We can nurture young creative thinkers!”

Last week I gave the keynote and breakout session at the ELC of North Florida Conference in Orange Lake, FL. For months I had been communicating with Joan Whitson, the delightful leader of this excellent group. We shared many ideas and beliefs about young children and her capable teachers. The enthusiastic group of early childhood educators who attended interacted with me throughout the session.  It is such a joyful experience for me when participants are so positive and interested in learning about creative young children. This group was exceptional!

Joan Whitson, Brian Williams from Kaplan, and Margie Tedder

One of the highlights of the day was to meet the nominees for Teacher of the Year, sponsored by Kaplan’s Brian Williams. The teacher selected this year was Margie Tedder.

But I want you to know there were many wonderful teachers in that group who are also having a positive impact on the young children in their classrooms.

Get your new year off to a great start: try something new, sing a familiar song with different words, and practice using supportive comments when young children are sharing their amazing creative ideas with you!

A creative teacher inspires creative children!