Spring in the Early Childhood Classroom

Early childhood spring environments

Spring has finally arrived!  All around us, redbud trees, dogwoods, tulips, and candytuft are in bloom.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  All of my hard work in the fall, planting bulbs, is now paying off.  The dreary winter scene is being replaced with a colorful spring environment.

These changes remind me that when we are working with young children, some things take time.  We have to be patient, keep watering, and watching until something wonderful happens.  Their language explodes, they can zip their coat, or they are reading the pictures in their favorite book.

You know it is spring in your early childhood classroom when:

  • You need an enormous number of tissues.  There are lots of runny noses and sneezes.
  • There is more time spent outdoors in the sunlight.  Our flowers need sun.
  • A Greenhouse Center is being set up for seed planting and sprouting.
  • Muddy shoes are a constant feature of our space.
  • The Library Center is filled with books about spring, flowers, and plant catalogues.
  • In circle time we share “The Enormous Turnip” which leads to talk about gardens and cooperating on a project.
  • A beautiful bouquet of spring flowers is displayed for you and the children to enjoy.

Remember the joy of this wonderful year spent with the young children that you have nurtured and helped bloom!