Laughter Makes Spring Brighter

I like to laugh, and many things make me laugh.  I have often been told, “I knew you were here because I heard you laughing.”

Sometimes I was embarrassed by my loud laugh. My dear mother used to tell me, “Shhh, you are being too loud.”

Perhaps I should be more controlled?

Research studies continue to find that laughing, especially energetic laughter is good for us in so many ways.  For all of you folks who laugh, rather than cry, here are some of the benefits from laughing out loud.

Benefits of laughter:

  1. It boosts your mood, and helps you feel more positive and happy.
  2. It increases your endorphins, the chemical that helps you feel good.
  3. A good laugh may improve immune function.
  4. In times of anxiety, it reduces stress.
  5. It brings people together.
  6. It helps us think more creatively.

When working with young children, so many funny things happen every day.  As the teacher we may have to contain our laughter. Oftentimes, young children do not understand the concept, “I am not laughing at you but with you.”

Enjoy the experiences, stories, and jokes that make you laugh.  Your day will be better because of the laughing!