Spring Cleaning Your Early Childhood Classroom

In many parts of our country, spring is popping.  Traditionally, this has signaled a time for spring cleaning, but today I want us to think about spring cleaning your classroom.

Spring Cleaning Your Classroom

Look around the space where you and your children spend a major portion of your day.  Can your children visually recognize where things take place: large group time, specific centers, and find the tools they need to be responsible members of the community?  Is it easy to find and return materials after they are used?

If your children are having difficulty with any of these, perhaps it is time to de-clutter your space so areas are more clearly defined.  If you just can’t bear to discard any of your belongings, perhaps you might feel better by giving these items to another teacher or program.  Keep in mind that some things need to be discarded.  This may be difficult, but it is spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Your ThinkingSpring Classroom

It is also time to spring clean our thinking, plans, and activities.  Have we lost sight of what is real learning for young children?  They are active participants who need experiences that are meaningful to them.

Young children need opportunities to work together, cooperate, and solve real issues.  They need to play with ideas, materials, and other children in creative ways.  This spring, let’s renew our understanding of how children learn, and provide the opportunities for them to participate in experiences that will enrich their thinking.

Spring cleaning begins today in our classroom. Both you and your children will find the joy in seeing learning bloom!

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