Patience and Persistence: Mother’s Day Surprise

We live on a pond in Jonesborough, TN. Every spring we enjoy watching our Canada geese and wood ducks raise goslings.


This year we were impressed by one mother goose who made a nest in an old tree stump. She was very visible from where I am writing at my computer. For over six weeks she sat on that nest. Seldom leaving the eggs, only for an occasional bath.


Then right back on the nest she ran. Father goose guarded the mother on her nest scaring away other geese and curious humans.


Mother-Days-Blog-on-NestSix weeks she set on the nest. We watch and admired her patience and her ability to persist on this grueling task in the heat, pouring rain, and cool days.


Today on Mother’s day she was rewarded for her efforts. Six tiny yellow goslings were hatched! Proud mother and father strutted around the pond with six small and fast babies. What a wonderful surprise for us to enjoy and a fitting reward to mother goose for being patient and persistent.


A lesson for Mother’s day: raising children is a task that requires patience and persistence for many years.


Today, celebrate your important role in the lives of your children.

A mother too,

Rebecca Isbell

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing this very inspiring story. Even more inspiring when our children use the occasion of Mother’s Day to “salute” us for all our efforts in raising them.

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