The joy of working with teachers of Young Children!

This Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to work with my creative “Think Tank”. For more than three hours our heads buzzed with ideas as we talked at amazing speed. This small group is composed of early childhood educators who are helping me think about the content for a new project that will inspire creativity in young children and their teachers.

On this day I am again reminded why I love being a part of our profession, filled with insightful and creative women and a few brave men. Our morning was filled with possibilities, observations, support, and “what ifs”. We all left challenged and inspired to think about new opportunities for young children and early childhood professionals.

At this Thanksgiving time, I want to thank all the wonderful early childhood professionals who have touched my life, shared their stories, and laughed out loud with me.  I am blessed to have these relationships and meaningful experiences in my life.

Thank you everyone!

Take a moment to thank someone who has inspired you, mentored you, or supported your ideas!

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  1. Linda Dashnaw
    Linda Dashnaw says:

    Amen. Beautifully said. It is amazing that my mixed and meandering career path brought me to early childhood because it was a journey home. I have arrived at a place where there are other passionate, committed professionals trying everyday to do their best. If that’s not love, what is?

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