Good News Alert: Early Childhood is Strong in West Virginia

I just returned from a fabulous state conference in Charleston, WV. It was coordinated by a delightful and extremely organized LeeAnn, assisted by some great helpers including Ginger, Kathy, and many others.

This was such a responsive group of early childhood educators who joined with me in shaking hands, singing songs, and actively participating in telling stories.

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with some attendees including preschool teachers, PreK teachers (WV has Universal PreK), Home Visitors, Head Start including early Head Start, and home based programs. All of these hard working teachers were so excited about their experiences with young children and are working diligently to provide quality early childhood programs in their community.

West Virginia’s young children and families are blessed to have such dedicated teachers, supervisors, and coordinators who strive to inspire, challenge, and support their development. Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah for the dedicated early childhood teachers in West Virginia.