An exciting adventure in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“Marhaba” – Hello in Arabic.

I have just returned from an exciting adventure in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tatweer Co. for Educational Services, in collaboration with the Saudi government, sponsored the 6th International Exhibition and Forum on Early Childhood Education, “Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education, 2018.”  It was a great honor to be a part of this outstanding conference that demonstrated the Saudis’ commitment to the Mission of 2030 that includes strengthening the quality of programs for young children in their country.

For three days, government officials, administrators, professors, and early childhood educators from Saudi Arabia and around the world shared their expertise related to the importance of the early years in children’s lives, the critical need for quality programs, and the essential element for providing trained early childhood teachers in these environments.

My specific contributions were a workshop on “Investigating Early Childhood Education with an Eye Toward the 21st Century” and serving on a panel discussion focused on the 21st century skills that young children need to be successful in this rapidly changing world.

Saudi professionals designed and supported this conference, stimulating participants’ thinking, helping us make important global connections, and recognizing the country’s commitment to young children and their families.

I made many new friends and discovered that when we have a shared belief that young children’s learning is the foundation of education, we speak the same language and can work collaboratively for the benefit of all young children – regardless of our varied backgrounds.

Jenan sharing a special memory with me

Jenan M. Alahmed was a positive force at the conference and also the person who supported me throughout this amazing journey.  Leaders like Jenan will be instrumental in developing quality curriculum, training, and early childhood programs in this progressive and forward-thinking country.

Mabruk (Congratulations!) for having this impressive conference!  It was such a joy for me to be a small part of this International Conference on Early Childhood Education lead by Saudi Arabia.

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