An Adventure in Northern California

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Northern California where I worked with early childhood professionals in Lake County.  The Conference was led by Angela Cuellar whose energy and positive attitude set the tone that helped us all enjoy the day. The educators were so responsive and worked with me on all kinds of interesting interactions which included singing and laughing together.  We had many creative moments as we investigated how to nurture creative young children in our classrooms. Our breakout session focused on designing an inspiring environment that supports creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.  This was a great day!


While we were exploring the area, we drove through the mountains and stopped at the rocky California coast. An interesting place was Bodega Bay where the Hitchcock film “The Birds” was made many year ago.  I first saw the horror movie as a teenager and have always had a fear of birds flying at me and pecking out my eyes.  I am happy to say I faced my fear and found that in fact the birds on the coast were beautiful and, even if they flew close to me, they were not going to attack me. What a relief!

Photo Credit: Sonia Yoshizawa

A special thanks to Angela who invited me to this wonderful place and Sonia who supported me during this fabulous adventure.

Creative Challenge for the day: Take a risk or try something new today!