10 Blessings We Get from Working with Young Children


Today I was thinking about the joyful experience of working with young children, so I began to make a list of some of the special moments and inspirations that I have gained from working in early childhood. Read these and add your own special insights to this growing list.

Why do we love to work with young children?

  • They inspire our creativity.
  • They make us laugh.
  • They help us appreciate the small wonders of life.
  • They share their unconditional love with us.
  • They play with materials, ideas, and possibilities.
  • They create new words whenever they are needed.
  • They are excited about learning and it is contagious.
  • They are musicians and dancers who inspire our involvement.
  • Their endless curiosity leads us to gain new understandings.
  • Each day is an amazing adventure we can explore together!

Reflect with me on the many blessings we gain from working with small children!