Trying Something New

A frequent suggestion for strengthening your creativity is to “do something you have never done before.”

So, inspired by the quote, I have decided to do something new and different – something I have never done before! I am participating in an ALL ONLINE Conference, “Transform Challenging Behavior” developed by Barb O’Neil.

Barb interviewed me and videotaped our conversation which will be shown during the April 3-9, 2019 conference. We discussed the importance of the development of creativity in today’s young children as well as few other topics including storytelling to young listeners.

It was an interesting experience, but the knowledge that the video would be seen by thousands was daunting. It is indeed challenging to try something new, but we benefit from the challenge and the experience.

Here’s a preview from my video:

Watch me on my very first online conference and let me know what you think and the questions you want to discuss. The conference is free, and it is just a click away!

Let’s grow more creatively every day and see you in “cyberspace!”