Travel Sparks Learning, Fun, and Connections

June has been a busy and exciting month with many new experiences, visual delights, musical highs, and even moments of calm. Only travel can help us get a perspective on the world, the amazing possibilities, and stretch our creative thinking.

Where in the World is Dr. Isbell?

Here is some evidence of my meaningful experiences. Can you identify the location of each of these images? Scroll down for the answers.













  1. The sights at night in Budapest were breathtaking! All the lights focused on the beautiful Parliament building and historic bridges.
  2. This is in Venice, which has been on my bucket list since I worked with children’s choirs as an elementary music teacher. I was able to see/hear the Vienna Boys Choir and a fabulous Concert of Vienna Music. Oh how I loved the “City of Music” and all these musical experiences.
  3. Prague, a city that was once behind the iron curtain but is now free! It is filled with beautiful buildings that looked like story book castles. A marvelous visual experience!
  4. New York, New York, an experience shared with my daughter and two granddaughters. The excitement of a city filled with lots of stimulation, wonderful restaurants, Museums, and Central Park. We shared the amazing musicals “Hamilton” and “Lion King”. Wow!


Travel to new places and revisiting favorite spots helps us appreciate home, family, and good friends. It makes us sensitive to the wonderful world we live in and that friendly people live in many different places!

Enjoy your travel this summer.