Special Invitation to Leaders, Directors, and Parents: Free Early Education Leader’s Summit

In these difficult times, an essential survival skill is to be able to deal with new issues, problems, and find innovative solutions. How can leaders develop creative thinking in their children, teachers, and themselves?

I have designed a special session for Directors and Leaders that focuses on creative problem-solving skills and gives you tools to use in these changing times. Join me on Leaders Lounge to learn ways of gaining the 21st Century skills that will help you and your children develop into the thinkers, communicators, collaborators, and problem-solvers who will change our world. Together we can create positive changes that will serve us well in this new environment!

For 4 days, July 27-30, The Leader’s Lounge, a solutions-based program, is bringing you presentations from 19+ engaging experts who have found ways to simplify and strategize, educate and eliminate all things unnecessary to give EC leaders the freedom they need to run their schools, serve their families, and motivate their teams. PLUS – You can earn up to 20 clock hours of training with an all-access pass.