Need a “Creative Spark”? I just got one.

alexander calder


Last week I was in Salem MA. for a wonderful visit with a friend and colleague. Since I am beginning a new writing project, I needed to get my creative juices flowing.

alexander calderShe selected the perfect place to get my ideas going, a wonderful museum with a new exhibit of the works of Alexander Calder. Although I had enjoyed the results of his work for many years, I had no idea that he invented mobiles — abstract paintings in motion.

His work was beautifully displayed in white areas with just the right amount of spot light so you could see the tiniest movement of his works of art. Often the shadows, created by the light on the mobile, were the first place you saw the movement.

Some of his work using sheet metal is huge and displayed in public places, allowing many people to appreciate his modern art and his unique forms.


As I looked at Calder’s work, I was reminded that being creative requires taking chances and doing things in different ways.


When I left the exhibit my creative juices were churning ready for my new project! Next time you feel your ideas are waning, take a moment to experience the beauty, art, and sculptures in your world.