My Journey to Beautiful Copenhagen with Amazing Scholars

For over twelve years, I have been working with two professors from Aarhus University in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We have visited each other several times, presented together at professional conferences, and written numerous articles and book chapters together.  It has been such a rewarding international collaboration for me!

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a Celebration for Dr. Grethe Kragh-Müller, recognizing her 40 years of writing in the area of early childhood development.  Mira Nymo Wessels, from Børneringen (the publishing company that gave the party), invited me to be the “surprise” speaker for the event. What a joy it was to be a part of this marvelous celebration and to be the guest lecturer!

I was able to discuss the international need for Creative Thinkers in the 21st Century and referred to Grethe as a great example of a creative person.  Many of Grethe’s colleagues, area supervisors, early childhood teachers, and friends attended this afternoon event and joined me in honoring Grethe for her important work in our field.

Each time I visit Denmark I am touched by the wonderful people who live in this country.  I am always amazed how we share so many beliefs about young children and agree on effective approaches for nurturing their capabilities.



Grethe’s Celebration

My work with Grethe and Dr. Charlotte Ringsmore have expanded my global understanding and helped me better understand young children.  Although we live thousands of miles apart, we share our beliefs about the potential of young children and our respect for the dedicated people who work with them in America and Denmark.

Together we can be a powerful positive voice for young children and those who work with them.