Love of Nature Begins in the Early Years

I recently returned to my special place in the mountains and I reflected on how I came to love and appreciate nature and beauty.

When I was a young child, my favorite and frequent outing was to travel to the Smoky Mountains National Park about an hour from my home. The best part was jumping from rock to rock in the mountain stream that ran through the Chimney picnic area.  We would sit on boulders in the middle of the stream and eat my mother’s pimento cheese sandwiches. I was not a coordinated child, but I loved to jump from rock to rock often landing in the cold mountain water. I was never scolded for my missteps. My dear mother simply always came equipped bringing little Becky a complete change of clothes, so when the inevitable happened, she was prepared.

I was blessed to have loving parents who took me to the forest, parks, and lakes instilling in me a love for the natural world.  When we saw a beautiful site, a massive tree, a blooming flower, a fern, or a waterfall my father would always say “Take a picture in your mind of this and you will have it with you forever.”

Today I returned to that mountain stream that I took a picture of over 50 years ago. I was amazed that the picture that I often remember was the same one I had carried in my mind since that time.

Young children need to experience, explore, and treasure the outdoors and all its beautiful splendor. And that love will last them a lifetime.

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